Add texture to your water color paintings- easy & fun kid project

Teaching Preschool I am always looking for new ways to do the same old projects. We use A LOT of water color paints because the colors are vibrant, they are washable and easy for the kids to use. The other day I was overjoyed to discover a NEW way (new to me, at least) of using our same old water colors.

This week we bumped our water colors up a notch by adding something fun, cheap and easy- salt.

Super simple-

1. Paint a beautiful water color painting

2. Sprinkle salt over the wet painting

3. Let paint dry and brush off salt to reveal an array of snowflake like textured patterns.

*experiment with adding salt to very saturated paintings and less saturated for different texture effects.

Here are some of the beautiful ‘salty water colors’ the children created. We are learning letter ‘S’ so our water colors are sharks and stingrays:

Another way to make simple projects a little more fun is to cut the paper into shapes. If I had handed the children each a regular 8.5×11 inch white paper and tried this same project they would have painted one or two splotches each, declared, “I’m done!” and run off. The shark and stingray shapes kept them interested with paint brushes in their hands for nearly 30 minutes- a classroom success!


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